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CRIST Centro di Servizi di Cristallografia Strutturale

Rules of access to the laboratory

Access to the laboratory is allowed to authorized personnel. The authorization request (the form can be downloaded from the website must be completed on a paper addressed to the Centro di Cristallografia Strutturale (CRIST), Via della Lastruccia n.3, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Florence) and sent by email to or delivered directly to the staff of the center.
The badge enabled to enter the Crystallography Laboratory must be requested by filling out the relevant form, available on the website of the Scientific and Technological Pole.
Any other access must be authorized by the management or chair of the Center.
The list of authorized personnel is posted in the laboratory and published on the website.
All authorized personnel are required to inspect the Prevention and Safety regulations posted in the laboratory.
last update: 30-Jan-2019
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