Prevention and security rules of CRIST

Users must follows the indications of CRIST's staff.

The use of any harmful substance (i.e. substances classified with chemical, biological or radioactive risk) is not allowed in laboratory. When in doubt concerning the potential risks, any substance must be considered as harmful and manipulated with all the precautions needed.

Ionizing radiations are harmful. All the instrumentations of CRIST are shielded and safe. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to pregnant womens to stay for long time in the laboratory.

Cryogenic liquids must be handled using the individual protection devices present in the laboratory. Transferts of cryogenic liquids must be avoided in case of crowded laboratory, and should be performed only under conditions of air exchange in the room. 

Any violation of the aforementioned regulations must be reported to CRIST staff. The violation of the aforementioned rules and regulations may result in exclusion from the use of the laboratory.

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